torsdag 29 oktober 2009

with 2010 in sight!

First, welcome!
After a long season of racing this year, i had 3 well deserved weeks of rest, and what great weeks then!
Spended 2 of them with my boyfriend at Bali, just enjoying a normal holiday, beach, sun and relaxing! Straight from Bali to the southest part of Sweden visiting two of my closest friends, made it a perfect time of rest, fun and most important, my mind switched of from anything around the word bike. Only thing i must not have been tired of yet, is travelling around...
So with my mind fresh, holiday is over, and it's time to start going again!
With a in general great season this year, im really excited to see what 2010 can bring.
So this week i have started up slowly with my training for next year and since it's very much off-season i do some other stuff then just ride my bike.
Right now I just headed in from the first running session of the year and today i gonna play it smart! Time for some stretching...