onsdag 12 maj 2010

The chicken pox result in no Tour de L'Aude

I keep getting challenged, this time i caught the chicken pox a week ago. Been a rough week, and didnt recover yet, so wont be able to start in Tour de L'aude.
Its really a big disspointment for me, since that race was really good for me last year, and i've been looking forward to this year's a lot.
Not just missed out on a week of training, now also 10days of good racing, its a big set back, but now i just have to turn my disspointment, get healthy and get myself back there.
Tomorrow i fly back to Sweden to get some family around me, and look forward to get up on the bike again.
And all succes to the rest of the team for L'Aude, my fingers will be crossed!