söndag 31 januari 2010

Time for Qatar

Now january has come to an end and i've had a really good week at home in Girona after the trainingcamp at Mallorca was done. Weather has mostly been beautiful and when the sun is out it really feels like spring is here!
Today i finished of a good block of training, and im happy with how this month has undergone. So now im sitting in the sofa, leggs at the table and enjoying a good coffe, and just waiting to take of to Qatar tomorow. Then the new season will be started on wednesday!
I dont have too high expectations for the race in Qatar, coming out this big block of base training, but it will be a good waking for the body and im sure it will give a few new experiences. And for sure a couple of photos picturing sand and camels..

A camel cookie, at the hotel room in Qatar last year

fredag 22 januari 2010

End of pre season camp

Then last day of teamcamp is done. Finished off a great trainingcamp with a 5,5h ride, and the sun was back with us!
Feeling pretty tired now, so I'm looking forward to an easy ride tomorow, before I finally fly back to Girona on sunday. Everybody else flies out tomorow but i stay one day more so I can catch the direct flight which is much easier with all my luggage.. Had a real good time here and time been flying by, but will be nice to get back home and spend some good days with Dennis, before the season kicks off for real! Cant believe that I already in 1,5 week will stand at the startline again, in the deserts of Qatar..

torsdag 21 januari 2010

Beautiful days!

Last two days here at Mallorca has just been amazing!
Lots of sunshine and good temperature made it very pleasent to do lots of hours on the bike..
yesterday a nice loop of 5,5h and today a even nicer loop, up at Valdemossa and around in the hills along the clear sea back over to palma. it was the only part from the island i never had seen, and it really was something special!
So almost back in I decided to use the good weather, and company aswell, so together with judith and ina I finished of a great day at the bike after 6,5h.

tomorow last ride at the camp and i hope the sun is returning, which will make the tired legs a little less noticed!

måndag 18 januari 2010

First week of camp

One week has now, quickly, passed here at Mallorca, and its been a great time here with the team.
It's a really good group of people and the spirit is nice!
We have been pretty lucky with the weather, and got some good hours in at the bike.
Today we finished the second three day block, so after 4.5, 5 and 6h its tomorow time for a well needed restday!

Other stuff we also been busy with these days is teampresentation, some photoshooting, meeting and info with sponsors, core workouts, bike fitting and a few tests. And best of all, massage every day! So no lack of things to do!
And now its time to close my eyes, goodnite!

söndag 10 januari 2010

Vamos a la playa!

Today me and my bike went towards the coastline. It's a really beautiful road along the coast here, winding up and down, almost like a rollercoster. And the view is amazing! Green vegetation, steep hillsides and turquoise water.
In the summer it's so busy in that area, its a huge tourist paradise, and i have to admit the beaches here are really nice! (Had to try a few last summer...)
So after a nice 5hr i was back home, and on to the next thing. Arranging my packing. Should be my specialty by now, but still takes a lot of brainwork. Have to make sure everything I might need for 14 days at Mallorca, with weather that can be everything in between summer and arctic winter it seems like.

Early morning ahead, but for the probably, very first time i will have the shortest travel, a smooth 50min flight and i will be at Mallorca!
And with the apartment in order ready to leave, I first gonna leave myself off in bed a few hours!

The coast last summer, off-bike style.

lördag 9 januari 2010

A diffrent scenery

Up at Santa Pau i found the snow today
At the other side of the hill it was so much more snow, but then i didnt bother take up the phone again...

Felt for a while like I was back home in Sweden today during my ride, when i after 2hours could ride alongside snowcowered roads and hills.
Was really beautiful and the surroundings looked really diffrent compared to what im used to. This will be something to think back of when i ride there again in july!
So as you might guess it also got a bit colder, so after 5,25h my fingers were a bit unhappy with my doings so I finished of my last 35min at the trainer indside.
A really nice day it was though, and now i just enjoyed a good coffe and are about to hit downtown, since i need to get a couple of things to make my bags heavier for my trip on monday.
(why does schampo and conditioner weigh so much?)
One good thing with Spain is the stores are open til 20.30!

torsdag 7 januari 2010

Late training

Second time i woke up today (first one at 4o'clock to wave Dennis goodbye) it was all heavy rain coming down over Girona.
So instead for a ride i went for powertraining, which felt good.
Then a few things to fix, and now here i am, ready to jump up on the indoor trainer we got the other day for a short session. Hope it works properly! No man in the house who can take care of it now...

Being alone now makes me miss friends and family, so gonna be even nicer to leave for trainingcamp soon!
Time to spin the legs a little!

onsdag 6 januari 2010

back in Spain

After the new year celebration i flew back to Girona, so the past week i have been able to do some nice training on my bike again!
And knowing that the temperature at home still is -20 makes the 9 degrees here feel almost like summer..
And the race season is coming closer, on monday i leave to Mallorca for a two week teamtrainingcamp, which i look forward to.
But first i have to spend a few days here alone, since Dennis is leaving for teammeetings too. Guess it's gonna feel a little lonely here, so now its time for a nice dinner together!