fredag 16 april 2010

The volcano effect...

Yes, im stuck here in Girona, so wont be racing Ronde van Gelderland in Holland tomorrow as the plan was.
It's been 3 weeks since last race and i was more then motivated to be at the startline again, and get the race speed back in to my legs, but just have to wait yet another week before im in the bunch again. It's a pity, but not really much you can do about.
The day started out with a trip to the caotic airport this morning to stand in a long, long line, just to get told what we kind of knew, we wont be able to get to Holland until tomorrow.
So back home it was just to take out the trainingclothes from the bag and go for a ride. Just to make sure this day will stay in my memory my shifter broke down at the furthest away point in my ride, and, literally, i then had a little black cloud follow me over my head, pouring down at me. And yes, my bike was ofcourse cleaned yesterday..
Not one of my best days maybe, but i can't do else then laugh about it all. My luck must be waiting around the corner!
And hopefully some is with the girls in the team racing tomorrow!

tisdag 6 april 2010

Paella night and a good ride

Just got back in from a very nice training. Today was one of those days the time just passed by and the efforts wasn't such a big pain as usual. At home now after 4 hours, ofcourse tired legs and a little hungry, but that was 4 fast hours. I like days like this!
Weather got worse so i think i re-schedule my planned afternoon coffe at a sunny sqaure to watching come cycling on tv. Not to bad that either!

Yesterday i had a good restday, spending the evening with 3 australian girls, Chloe, Josie and Sarah, and we went for a Paella dinner with a glas of good wine. Very good with some nice girltime and also first time i ever tried paella, which was about time..

söndag 4 april 2010

A well planned sleep-in

Today i put my alarm at 10 o'clock, and I can be happy i did! Woke up to a black sky and loads of rain, put my mind to go on the roller instead, but after a nice, long breakfast and a few cups of coffe it started to clear up, and by the time i went out it was dry and sunshine!
Had a good ride doing some lactat efforts, and decided to take the slightly longer way home to get a nice spinn out, and i almost had to pay back for it when I, just a few kilometers from home, felt a few drops from the sky. But i made it home safe and dry, and been enjoying the afternoon on the caugh infront of the final of Ronde van Vlaanderen, smiling at the again, pouring rain on the window! Thats what I call good timing..

fredag 2 april 2010

Spring in Girona!

Landed back in Spain on tuesday after a long travel, but managed to stay up and havent really felt the jetlag at all, til today. Woke up at 4 and was sure it should be time to get up, but the display said only 3:54. Clear awake, went up for couple of hours, and then i luckily could close my eyes for 2more hours til alarm went off at 8. So, not too bad at all this time either!

First maybe a few words about last stage of Redlands, which turned out to a big succes for the team! Evelyn taking the stage win, after an amazing ride with working all day, Ina making it a 1-2 and also defending the yellow!
I didnt have the greatest day, and as Ina said before, if the legs don't work, you can't fake it. It's such a tough course, and i've been having some problems with my airpipes and lungs beacuse of a known reason, and last stage i just didn't have much at all. Managed to finish the race atleast in the group behind what was the first maingroup.

Back here in Girona the weater is awesome! The air is so fresh and its just spring feelings all over the place. It gives me so much energy and i was out walking in town this afternoon, with a big smile on my face.
Will be here for another two weeks before next race, so will be time to build up and hope to improve on both shape and health!
For now i wish you all a happy easter weekend!
Would like to have shared mine with friends and family in Sweden, where also all the good easter eggs are...