torsdag 15 juli 2010

A bitter-sweet Silvermedal

A silvermedal at the Time trial in the European championship!
But at first it felt more like losing the gold then winning a silvermedal.
I had high ambitions going in to this race, and somewhere in my head i had the dream of a goldmedal. Ended up on second place, earning a silvermedal, 11 seconds after Russian Alexandra Burchenkova, and Lithuanian Katazina Sosna on third place, 52seconds back.
Not super much time up to the first place, but today she was the strongest.. And being able to defend my silvermedal from last year is something I have to be happy about. After all it's a medal in a championship and in a few days I might feel more satisfied with it.
Next up is the road race on saturday, til then a lot of water and rest!

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