fredag 23 juli 2010

Last part of season

Am back in Spain, finally i should say, almost two months since i saw my spanish home latest!
Europeans road race was not the greatest race of the year, finally a 12th place, after a break of 7 girls just managed to stay away on the line. We were only two girls from Sweden and has not much power to use in situations like that, you just have to be cool and hope the luck is there, but didnt work this day. So I have now done my last European championhip, where I last two years got myself home with a silver medal each year, which is super good, only a gold would have tasted a little better..
But new races and new opportunities!
I had a couple of days rest to charge my batteries again, and have now done a couple of good trainings, preparing for the last part of the season.
My schedule is ready, and I got the good news I will be doing the World Cup in Sweden, coming up next week! Always great to do such a big race on home soil. Looking forward to it and i have some bad luck from last couple of years to make up this time!

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