söndag 11 juli 2010

Back from Giro Donne

Then the Giro Donne is over for me and im back home in sweden for a quick visit before i leave again tomorrow night, to travel further to Turkey.

The Giro was a nice experience, but i stepped out after stage 8, of 10, to get enough recovery for my Europeans Time trial coming up already on thursday. So what I missed was the epic day up to Stelvio and the final stage at Monza.
The team had some awsome days, taking 5 stage wins, and a second place in GC, well done! Nice teamwork and for myslef a pretty good Time trial.
Been some nice stages with a great scenary, in the end loads of climbing, with one stage of 89km including over 2300 highmeters of climbing up to the finish in Livingo. Thats also where my Giro ended, and now my focus is on Europeans next week in Ankara!

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