onsdag 30 juni 2010

Nature Valley GP stage 4, 5 and 6

Again long time since a note here..
So first short back to Nature Valley. Stage 4, a critt in Minneapolis went again well for the team, we got a win with Chloe! And for me i also had a better feeling, much nicer course and i could ride more aggresive.
Stage 5, first road race over a 122km. A hard day with steep rollers all day long, and we had Linda going of the front with another girl, and she took over the yellow after that stage.
Last day a circuit race over 13 laps of a short course, basically just up and down this steep hill..
We had the yellow to defend and the race went straight from the gun, with other team try to make it really hard. And it was. It splitted up totally already after a lap, and a smaller group went of the front a few laps in with Evelyn in. Me, Kim and Linda was in the small group that was left of the bunch, trying to make the gap smaller. It ended up with Evelyn winning the stage solo, really strong! But we lost the yellow..
For me it was a pretty good ride and i could do some help on that hard course, and my legs was very tired and more then ready to go straight to the airport and fly to Europe again, with the nationals TT coming up in 3 days..

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