onsdag 30 juni 2010

Swedish champion TT!

Now the week of the Swedish national championships is over.
I got back to Sweden from The states late last monday, and t was all abot to recover quick and be ready again for TT wednesday.
Ofcourse nothing should go too smooth, so to make it a little more stressed my TT bike hadn'r arrived as it should from Belgium. So on the tuesday it looked like i wouldnt have a bike and i wasnt sure of a start the next day. But after some great tracking my dad could get the hands on it and drive up with it on wednesday morning!
So with the bike problem and jetlag and the fact my shape is still not at top after my sickness, I didn't expect to that well i actually did.
I started last as defending champion, and crossing the line after the 30km they announced new best time. Couldn't believe my eyes, didn't have any times during the course either so it was a nice surprise!
I ended up winning the Time trial with a good 48 seconds up on Emma Johansson, and Sara Mustonen taking third.
So that i managed to defend the title feels great and i will have another year in my blue and yellow skinsuite!

The road race was held on a lap of 34km done 4 times, including 4 times up Gesundaberget, a hard hill.
It was hard from the start with Emma pushing the pace first time ine the hill, and a bit after my clubmate Karin went in a break with Marie Lindberg. So far according to plan, and i knew Emma would go hard next lap again in the hill to make it up to them. Turning in to the climb i missed the attack on my right side and had a gap of 10m on Emma, and thats impossible to close to such a strong rider. I saw my chances go as she went. My mistake, and i was in the group behind with 5 other girls and we worked good together but didnt make up any time. Emma won the race after a strong effoert coming in solo!
I won the groupsprint for 6th place, not really happy about the result, but the feeling was okej, and I atleast feel im improving for every race now and slowly geting back again.

Next big goal coming is Europeans in 2 weeks, but got a late call-in a few days ago, so now im on a train to the airport flying to Italy for doing the Giro Donne!
Am happy to get some racing in and it will be good, hard prepearation for Europeans, and a needed stage race for my legs as i missed L'aude earlier..
Will be back with reports from my first Giro!

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