fredag 18 juni 2010

Nature Valley stage 1, 2 and 3

Nature Valley started out with a early morning Time trial on the wednesday, and no TT equipment was aloud. Was a nice course over 10km with the last kilometer uphill to the finish.
I got a good ride in and ended on a 9th place, same time as the 8th.. Happy with that since i had many good names behind me. That ment i got to ride in the young riders jersey for the next stage.
A double day on the program and Stage 2 in the evening, a criterium over 1h in downtown Saint Paul. Not the greatest course with some bad surface and corners, so was a whole lot of crashes. But it stayed all together and we got a very cool stage win with Chloe taking the sprint!
Stage 3, a road race over 104 km, turned out to be something I never experienced before. During the day we heard they warned for thunderstorms and tornados later in the evening, but still looked good driving to the race, only very windy.
Minutes before the start big black clouds just appears, so standing on the start line just minutes away from rolling off, they cancell the race, cause of the severe thunderstorm coming towards us.
First race i have had cancelled, and there was nothing else then jump in the car and go back to the hotell...

So, now we are more then ready for stage 4, been out riding a couple of hours this morning, and tonite its time for a criterium in Minneapolis over 1h.

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