onsdag 16 juni 2010


Time goes by fast, and got some new places visited lately.
The chickenpox kept me out of Tour de L’aude, and stuck in bed for 2 whole weeks. Didn’t think it would affect me that hard, but now I atleast got that one out of me and that wont bother me ever again.
Back on the bike its been about getting my body going again, slowly try to build up a base…
It also changed my race program and instead of doing the races in Europe at this time, I went over to north America, to do Philadelphia Liberty classic, further on to Canada for two new races in Gatineau, and finally back again in the States I will this week compete in the Nature Valley Grand Prix, a 5 day race with 6 stages.
Its been tough to get back to racing, Philly was a cool experience but a very hot day made it really hard out there. We did a good team effort and Ina won.
Further to Canada, my first time in the country, we did a Time trial last saturday, where I ended 9th which im quite happy with, looking to my preparation. Sunday time for a Road race of 100km. A yet again very hot day and many attacks made also that day hard. Was up there in some good breaks and found a good race feeling again. Unfortunately in the end, we had some bad luck, leading out for the sprint through last round about 300m to go it all looked good with me first in and Chloe on my wheel, when she gets taken out from a girl ditching in from the side. Things that can happen, and I rolled in as 7th. Was a fun and aggressive race, but still lacking that power I felt before I got sick, but I can see a progress and now we have 5 exciting days ahead of us, before I on Sunday eve heading back to Sweden for the coming nationals.

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